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State of the Game #5

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Hey there again everybody! I pray that all is well with you, I’m doing really well! And speaking of prayer….that will be covered a bit more in this State of the Game, um...why don’t we start with's!


This was from my little desktop, yes my REAL desk, not the PC one I’m talking about here, well anyway, from my desktop daily devotional.

The Bottom Line is Pray.

If you’re tired, sick, emotionally overwhelmed-PRAY!

If you’re on cloud nine and life seems prefect-PRAY!

If you lack direction-PRAY!

If you doubt that prayer makes any difference-PRAY!

If the circumstances of your life are out of control-PRAY!

If the circumstances of your life seem well within your control-PRAY EVEN HARDER!

But whatever you do-PRAY!

I’m also reminded of what it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18;

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you...”

Now I know a lot of you out there are not a Christian or believe in anything at all, an agnostic or believe in anything that the “world” has to offer you, but since FAITH BASED GAMES is based on my Christian beliefs and to those that I know and love that do have a real “relationship” with the Lord, they know exactly what I’m talking about….and yes we as Christians are suppose to pray and a LOT!.

So now you may be asking yourself, why I am even talking about prayer at It’s because somethings, whether you believe in God (a god), things don’t always go according to plan and you just want to say the heck with this (whatever your “this” is) and throw in the towel. Well those type of situations happen a lot with me, and I suppose to most people. But we as Christians sometimes get into a ministry (like making a faith based game), we wonder when those awful times happen, we ask ourselves “I’m I in Gods will with this project?” and “Is it just Satan (a minion actually) that is making me doubt?”.

Sometimes I feel so defeated when I’m trying to work on some small project for the game (like making The Pines Mall) that when it (or I) break the project so bad that it cannot be saved and I have hours upon hours worth of work that had gone into it and I have to start all over. It’s very frustrating to say the least, even to the point of tears...YES REALLY! That’s when I HAVE to do ASAP...Always Stop And Pray and do it ASAP! And to also have those around me that are Christians to pray for me as well!

And, well that is what happened on a small project I was working on last month (April 2021)….that’s when those above questions are asked. I am with this months State of the Game, and ready to share with you on what I have been working on even through those difficult times! So please if you have a moment please pray for this project (making The Right Path) and do a ASAP!


>>>Just be aware that there ARE spoilers in this “game”/video!!<<<

I made a VIDEO of Helkena and Conny under the Aurora Borealis a years or so ago and decided to make a scene from the game of the girls talking. They are a Badger Lake watching The Aurora Borealis overhead; yes I know the Aurora Borealis is way north but this is a man made one, (it’s my story so I could put in glowing flying squirrels in it if I right? UM….NO don’t worry those critters aren’t in the game...but then you NEVER know!!).

>>>Just be aware that there ARE spoilers in this “game”/video!!<<<

You can “play” that short story, it is just a development copy and there are some things that I have disconnected for working (like saving….it’s short 15 minutes tops!). There is NO voice over in this version, but it CAN be added, so for now you get to read! Also there are some minor glitching/phasing in and out of the characters….sorry I did try to fix that, but when I went to rebuild the “less” glitchy version, I could never get it to be “packaged” right. :(

>>>Just be aware that there ARE spoilers in this “game”/video!!<<<

You can download the story (TAKEN DOWN)...BUT be warned, it is almost 3.5 GB; which if you have a slow computer or slow internet speed (or both...or if you don’t want to play it at all) you should just watch the video below! Also with the download if you do “play” the story you WILL need some required software installed (it will put it in for you), most everyone that has a “gaming” PC well already have it installed. ALSO...sorry….when I went to try to unzip the file Microsoft Zip (Whatever it is called in Windows 10 [I use something else] MS’s free version I guess is no longer free….but it’s MS so money speaks and not convenience!) You can download 7Zip HERE or you can just double click on the zip file, copy the Folder (Aurora Borealis) and the READ ME file and paste it in a folder (Right click>New>Folder) or….um just watch the video below!

>>>Just be aware that there ARE spoilers in this “game”/video!!<<<

I will only be leaving the file accessible for the month of May, then I will remove it, you will need to email me if you want to “play” it...or just watch the video below!

>>>Just be aware that there ARE spoilers in this “game”/video!!<<<

This little story was made in Unreal 4 using the very, VERY COOL Visual Novel Framework created by Jenny Gibbons at Woodsy Studios...Thanks Jenny!


Like always I have some more photos for you, of Helkena, being, well being Helkena! You can view those photos HERE! ....ENJOY!

OK that’s it for this month.




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