The Right Path


As with any great story, The Right Path needs a hero or in this case a heroine, that heroine is a young woman named Dr. Helkena Mo. Helkena has choices to make, as with "real life", some of those choices are good, and some are bad. 

The story of The Right Path takes place in the year 2030 in the fictitious city of Los Diego, in the new state of Elysium, USA. Elysium was formed to pay off the USA’s 40 trillion dollar debt, by a VERY powerful multi-quadrillion dollar corporation, TechGene. TechGene is run by the very intelligent and charismatic CEO Jonas Hunt. Jonas Hunt has aspersions of becoming the President of America. TechGene also happens to be the place where Helkena works as a bioengineer.

Helkena, is a way above average person in intelligence; she's smart...VERY SMART! She has a GREAT job, loves her "Papa" and her best friend Conny. Helkena is NOT a Christian or even remotely close to it, she loves to party, have a good time, she drinks a lot...a LOT! She dresses inappropriately at times, she even uses inappropriate language sometimes! She is also one who doesn't take her being a Doctor too seriously; she "does" know her job, but sometimes she just wants to be the average girl next door!

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"Those who follow the right path fear the Lord..."
-Proverbs 14:2A (NLT)