The Right Path

C H O I C E S  M A T T E R


As with any great story, The Right Path needs a hero or in this case a heroine, that heroine is a young woman named Helkena Mo. Helkena has choices to make, as with "real life", some of those choices are good, and some are bad. 

The Right Path will have lots of "Christian" elements in it. BUT it is more than a Christian game, it's a game that is for ALL who want a (hopefully) great story driven game, with that game play centered around life, death, right, wrong, good & evil, in other words like a person living in "real" world situations, but the The Right Path is a lot more than will have action, tasks (quests), "some" RPG elements, among other things. 

The story of The Right Path focuses on our heroin, Helkena, who is your above average person, she's smart, has a GREAT job, loves her "Papa" and her best friend Conny. Helkena is NOT a Christian or even remotely close to it, she loves to party, have a good time, drinks a lot and one who doesn't take her being a Doctor too seriously; she "does" know her job, but she just sometimes wants to be the average girl next door!

As the Player you will have to guide Helkena, it will NOT be easy, you'll have to be Helkena's "conscious" to guide her on...

The Right Path 

"Those who follow the right path fear the Lord..."
-Proverbs 14:2A (NLT)
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