Faith Based Games is a  501(c)(3) Non-profit company and is made possible by the generous support and donations of ALL of our WONDERFUL donors!


We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts!

In case you want to know how your donations are being distributed, here is a short list.


Being that Faith Based Games has "Games" as part  of the title, a bigger part of your generous donations will be going toward purchasing items that will be needed to make the game "The Right Path". Those items will include such things as: 

  • 3D Models (EVERYTHING that makes a world/game "look" alive: trees, buildings, people...etc.)

  • GFX (Graphics: textures, photos, illustrations) 

  • SFX (Sound Effects: nature, city, all "foley" sounds and, of course the voice actors!) 

  • VFX (Visual Effects: lighting, rain, fire...etc.)

  • Software: Unreal Engine 4, it is to make the game (which is actually FREE!!) but I need to purchase the above items to "make" a world in that software. iClone, a character generation program to make, Helkena, Conny and ALL of the people in the world of "The Right Path". There are lots of other software that will be needed to make a complete game and the presentation of The Right Path.


Some may argue as to why site maintenance would be near the top of the list when there are by far more important things that money can be distributed to, which does make sense, BUT...without a place, a website in this case, there really wouldn't be a "Faith Based Games" to help right?


Some of your donations will go toward  maintaining this website, the business name and other expenses that happen to "pop" up from time to time with running a business!


Gift boxes? Doesn't Samaritans Purse provide needy children with gift boxes?




But unfortunately not ALL countries are open to letting Samaritans Purse enter their country. There are ministries in those countries that are able to go to the various cities orphanages to teach the love of God and what Jesus Christ did for them on the cross. They also provide "shoe boxes" to those children at  Christmas time! 


Last but certainly not least, BIBLES!!


This is REALLY a VERY important one! One of the things that we we know, what a LOT of people need is a Bible! Especially as a new believer or somebody that you meet at an outreach that has no Bible, giving them a FREE Bible will help them out a lot in their walk with our wonderful Lord...JESUS! 


Our team of believers will help to distribute new Bibles to local churches in our area that can then ​

provide a free Bible to anyone that might need/want one! ​


Another area where Bibles are needed...ALL over the world! We will try to give as much as we can to provide Bibles to other "partners"  to give to new believers that have no way of receiving a Bible without having help from the outside, in such countries as India, Iran, China, etc.


If this is something you feel led to do...

First PRAY!

If you do still feel led to donate then...

Pray again for whatever amount you can afford!

Any amount from a dollar to whatever amount you feel led

to donate would be of GREAT help!

Also you can make it a one time donation or even a monthly donation,

whatever fits your budget!

One last thing...

ALL donations are tax deductible!

"Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow." -Psalm 25:4 (NLT)
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