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The Divine Plot Twist: From Lost Hard Drives to Holy Victories

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A path leading towards a radiant cross on a hill
Lead me to the Cross

Welcome Back

Greetings, fellow Faith-Gamers! Welcome to our sacred corner of the Internet where pixels meet parables, and bytes blend with blessings.

A New Look!

Say "Hallelujah" and fire up those browsers because our Faith Based Games website has had a divine makeover! This baby's got a new, clean look that even the archangels would nod approvingly at. So put on your digital explorer hats and unearth some heavenly delights!

Progress on The Right Path

Good news, brethren! Our game, The Right Path, is evolving faster than water into wine at a Cana wedding. I've been learning new skills (which I'm pretty sure are not as cool as walking on water, but hey, they'll do). As soon as I've leveled up, you'll be the first to know!

Upcoming Projects

We've got more projects brewing than loaves and fishes in our Gospel story. I don't want to spill the manna from heaven here, but make sure to have a look around on our new website and let the spirit of curiosity lead you to the promised land of surprises!

New Revenue Generation

I've been moonlighting as an AI artist recently - no, not making pictures of robots praying, but crafting unique digital art with the help of Artificial Intelligence. I'm also selling some beautiful creations on the Unreal Engine Marketplace - each purchase brings us a byte closer to enhancing our heavenly games.

Facing Trials

Now, onto some trials that could give Job a run for his money...

  • Lost Hard Drives: Remember that time Moses lost his staff? Well, I lost TWO hard drives, in other words D.O.A. - one of those hard drives contained almost EVERYTHING about The Right Path. Ouch, indeed! But just like the Israelites, we keep on marching forward.

  • Financial Challenges: In other "how can I make this lemon into lemonade?" news, while I've been making a little extra moolah on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we're still running a bit short. So, I've decided to close down "The Right Path" website. But don't start your lamentations just yet - everything has been resurrected on the new Faith Based Games website!

God's Love

And through all this - the highs, the lows, the dead hard drives - we are enveloped by the unyielding, steadfast love of God. This love, my friends, is our Wi-Fi connection to the divine, our unbreakable source code. It’s what keeps us going, even when the 'loading' icon of life seems to spin endlessly.

In Closing

So, that's it for now, fellow Faith-Gamers. Our journey is just like a video game - there are quests to complete, bosses to defeat, and occasional bugs to fix. But remember, in the game of life, with God as our game master, we've already won. So, keep the faith, keep gaming, and as always, thank you for being a part of our growing Faith Based Games community. Stay tuned for more!




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