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State of the Game #4

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey there everyone, I pray that all of you are doing well. I’m doing really well….um...sort of, oh no nothing health wrong; accept getting older, but then aren't we all!

So yep I’m still kickin’, my sort of not doing well, is that my main PC is having some type of melt down, I took it in to be looked at to find out what may be causing the melting electronics smell. So needless to say I don’t have ANY of my main programs to do video, photo editing etc.…. :( So I’ll have to make do with what I have on this PC, which is an awesome computer, it’s mainly used for making game levels and the characters for the game, heck I think I only have 25 bookmarks in my browser on this computer! Even worse I have NO games on this PC whatsoever….so I have to kill time by boring you to death with another State of the Game….so….SUFFER!

Anyway I have a few things to share with you for Aprils State of the Game.


I love Helkena’s long wavy hair, but it is a very old asset. If you where to look close at her old hair you would notice that it looks more like ribbons than hair! Also that fact that transferring Helkena over with her old hair to UE4 (the software to make the game), her hair would be more like a football helmet and just turn with her and NOT flow….it has NO “wind” movement at all. So what does her new hair look like? Well I’m glad you asked….well you can find out HERE!


Animations are some very time consuming projects that take place in making a game and one of those things that are hard to do. Especially with having Helkena’s mouth work with the sound coming out of her mouth at the right movement….it just takes TIME.

Well that TIME was made a whole lot easier now! Take a look at this VIDEO you can see that the words and mouth are very close! It took me about twenty minutes to get it to work like that. I know it isn’t prefect at all but the video its just a test run and yes its just text to speech, but it’s a start, it’s why I wanted to share it with you all, so that you can see the progress/process of making The Right Path….and um….that’s why these are called State of the Game, so you can see the progress of what I am working on!


Yay! We now have 4 confirmed voice actors, for up to 7 characters in the game the The Right Path!


I’m so happy that people are willing to help with this project and that they are volunteering their time to help out…..can I say it again?

HOORAY!!!! …….and thank you so much!!

And with that, now those voice actor’s voices will be a lot easier to do mouth movements of the characters, so if you have watched the video from MOUTHING OFF #1 you will know what I’m talking about...if not go watch that VIDEO now!


Money….yep I see all of you running away!

Whistle, whistle, whistle…….wait....wait....wait....

OK now that you’re back.

I know because of COVID that some people have no job right now or have lost their jobs altogether….I understand that. But think of it this way, if 10 people can give up one Starbucks drink a month, that would be around $50….$50 dollars can go a long way, especially when I wait for things to go on a 50% off or more sale! So you see that $50 goes towards being able to get the updates that I WILL need to make The Right Path.

And like I have mentioned a few times before...PRAY….about it….OK! Prayer goes a long ways! Prayer has supplied volunteer voice actors….

….can I say it again?



So please pray about making a tax free DONATION!

* * * * * * * * * *

OK that’s it for Aprils State of the Game. Stay safe and for you believers in Christ please continue to pray for this wonderful ministry!




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