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State of the Game #2

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey there everyone!

I pray that all of you are doing well and are staying “safe”! This State of the Game post will be a rather long one, I have a whole boatload of things to share and this will more than likely be the only blog post for February, I know….YAY!!! So without further ado!

Here we are starting the second month of 2021, where does the time go? Believe me when you get older it seems to go by so much quicker….um….right? Anyway, I have some new and old things to share with you! Introduction of new characters, some fun with the older ones (Helkena, Conny and Papa). Some world building, 3D model previews, Helkena’s favorite comic book hero….um….heroin and a nasty stab wound….ouchy!


The Right Path has a lots of characters, I needed to make the models for each one. In case you want to know, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to make each of the characters, you can have a look at them HERE. It takes almost half the time to “render” each character. The models come already made/template, I just need to make them look as to how I would like them to look. Some of these characters will be updated or even changed to a whole new charterer, as I have done by reimaging Monica.


Here are some fun photos, videos and 3D model views to enjoy! I know some of you have explored the websites and found some of these things, BUT just in case you don’t know what some of those little linked icons will take you, you can explore below;

Artstation: A place to show off what I’ve been working on with the software I’m using

Sketchfab: Preview of some of the models (mainly Helkena) in a 3D view; NO you don’t need any funny glasses (Place your cursor on the character and move them around!)

YouTube: You know that place where cat videos are uploaded!

The Right Path pages:

  • Music: All mine

  • Photos: Newest :

  • Videos: The same videos from YouTube

  • Odds and Ends: Comic’s and Sketchfab


Red Tonja (COMIC COVER : Sketchfab) is Helkena's favorite comic book hero! NO Red Tonja doesn't show up as a character in the game, but I still needed to make a model of her for the comic books that Helkena collects! Also Helkena likes to dress up as Red Tonja when she visits Medieval Village that isn’t too far from where she lives with her Papa; about half way between Mill Creek and Los Diego (Um where? Ha if you don’t know, go HERE to find out more)


Sometimes we see glitches/bugs in games and we hardly, if ever, get to see the “blooper reel” of the mistakes that are made by game developers of world building or even getting a small stab wound like poor Helkena got! HAHAHA I just pressed the wrong “pose” button and well as you will see she has a big ouchy! Look for that photo HERE!


NOPE! I still haven’t gotten to “building” the world of The Right Path. But I have lots of assets that I have purchased to make the world and some of those assets work great and some NOT so great. I have no idea how to make 3D models myself so they must be bought. Some of what has worked can be seen at my ARTSTATION website, so be sure to check that out!


I have updated some of the bio’s of some of the characters to better reflect as to who they are and what they represent. Some of the bio’s are just little things, some, like Dean Stanton’s bio, has almost a whole new bio. So be sure to check those out HERE!


I don’t remember how much space/GB I have with my host; WiX, so I will more than likely be transferring some of the older photos to a new site, it will be a free site, so there will be some type of ads on them, mainly from WiX.


This for me is a big undertaking so I ask all of you who are Christians to please….pray, PRAY, PRAY... that I will do God’s will!

Oh shoot one more thing, because of COVID things have gotten pushed back for getting financial help….you know lockdowns! Because this is a faith based game (Christiany type of game) I will need to go to mainly churches (thankfully many churches here in CA have said no you cannot close us down… really is unconstitutional, so they have opened up….just mask up, that’s all!), so hopefully I can build what I need for a promotional video to present to them. So with that being said, if you would like to help out financially you can go HERE to find out more!

OK that’s it for this months “State of the Game”. I hope you have enjoyed everything I have shared with you today!




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