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State of the Game #1

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey everyone!

First off I want I to wish everyone a happy 2021!

Let’s see if we can make 2021 better for ourselves with coping with the seemingly endless lock-downs that WILL be around for a while I suppose…don’t want to get into that to much. BUT it’s what you make of your time and hopefully still have a job to pay for things. Being retired it’s good for us, at least right now!

Enough of that, on to the progress of the game! In future updates I have some exciting things planned; without spoilers! I’ll share with you today of what’s up and some updated photos of the main characters!


A few people have asked, “How is the game coming along?”...that’s a hard question to answer when I really DON’T have much to say other than…..

“The Right Path” being a story driven game, first and foremost what needs to be taken care of is....the writing!

The story is done…YAY!!!

Well sort of…it has all of the parts in the right places, I just need to go back through and fill in the missing pieces; continuity....I.E. like making sure I have the right person saying the right thing to the other right person later in the story, I hope that makes sense. It’s like this, when I was writing the story and perhaps it’s true for most writers, is that you have pieces to write about and then you add those piece together in the right place so that the story will flow…think of a jigsaw puzzle, you fill in a place in one part of the puzzle, then you work on another part of the puzzle and so on, so to with writing!

So with that being said, the writing is like 95% to 99% where it needs to be, so just add the fillers, do a proof read, then sent it of to another (or two) proofreader to make sure that everything flows together. When I read the story, I KNOW what will happen, so I KNOW I WILL miss some things knowing that one thing will happen in the story at the right time with the right person in the right place…sheesh that’s a lot of rights…um…right?!?!


As software is updated and new options added to make a 3D character look better, I have some updated photos of the main characters! You'll find those HERE! I will also try to have some before and after photos so you can see how much better the characters look; I don’t have those ready right now, but soon I hope; some of you will notice right away of the new look, some are just subtle updates…like skin looking better.

Anyway, that’s all for today I don’t want to make these post too long! I’ll try to have more updates every week or so and a new “State of the Game” around the first of the month to let you know of the progress.

One last thing…PLEASE leave a comment or a question/s below; “hopefully” I have the forum working properly so you can ask questions there as well. Let me know what you all think!




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