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Rick Mack is a man who always had a passion for the military. From a young age, he was drawn to the idea of serving his country and becoming a member of the elite forces. When he turned 18, he enlisted in the Navy and quickly proved himself to be a skilled and dedicated soldier.

After completing basic training, Rick volunteered to join the Navy SEALs, where he quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the team's most valuable members. He was highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and was proficient with all types of weaponry, but his true talent was with the sniper rifle. He spent countless hours practicing and honing his skills, and soon became the best sniper in the world with more than 250 confirmed kills.

However, as the political climate changed, Rick grew increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the military and the missions he was being asked to carry out. He knew that if he stayed in the Navy, he would eventually be sent back out to the field to do things that he didn't believe in. So, he made the difficult decision to leave the military and start a new chapter in his life.

Despite his departure from the Navy, Rick will always be remembered as one of the greatest snipers to ever serve his country. He was a true patriot and a loyal friend, and his skills and dedication will never be forgotten.

After leaving the Navy, Rick wasn't sure what he was going to do next. He had spent so much time and effort training as a SEAL that he didn't have many other skills or experience to fall back on. He found himself at a bit of a loss, unsure of how to apply his abilities in the civilian world.

Eventually, Rick decided to return to his hometown of Los Diego and reconnect with his family. His father, who owned a bar and grill called Brick's, offered Rick a job as the bouncer and part-time bartender. He accepted the offer, thinking it was a good way to stay busy and earn some money while he figured out his next steps.

At 6'5" and built like a brick house, Rick was well-suited to the role of bouncer. His imposing stature and military training made him a formidable presence at the bar, and he quickly earned the nickname "The Brick" from his coworkers. Despite the somewhat ironic nature of his new job, Rick found that he enjoyed working at Brick's and was grateful for the support of his family during this difficult time.

After a few years of working at Brick's, Rick's father passed away, leaving the bar and grill to him. Rick took over the family business, determined to carry on his father's legacy and keep the bar running smoothly.

At first, Rick found the transition from military life to running a bar to be a bit of a challenge. He was used to a fast-paced, high-stakes environment, and the day-to-day operations of a bar seemed dull and uninteresting in comparison. But as time went on, he began to find satisfaction in the work. He was good at handling difficult customers and making sure the bar ran smoothly, and he even discovered that he had a talent for crunching numbers and managing the finances.

Despite his impressive size and military background, Rick was actually a gentle and kind-hearted person deep down. He was always willing to help out his customers and employees, and he quickly became a beloved figure in the community. Over time, Brick's Bar & Grill thrived under Rick's leadership, and he was proud to carry on his father's legacy.

Rick had a younger sister named Misty who was five years younger than him. Growing up, he and Misty were very close, and he loved to tease her and play pranks on her. But no matter how hard he tried, Misty always seemed to find his soft spot and get her way with him.

After Rick joined the Navy, he and Misty didn't have much contact. She went off to university and started her own life, and Rick was focused on his military career. They kept in touch, but their relationship was never the same as it had been when they were growing up together.

Despite the distance between them, Rick still cared deeply for his kid sister. He was proud of her accomplishments and happy to see her thriving in her own life. And even though they didn't see each other as often as they used to, he knew that Misty would always hold a special place in his heart.

But looking at where he’s at now, Rick thought life at Brick's was simple and uneventful, and he was content with that. He enjoyed the routine of running the bar and the satisfaction of doing a good job. But then one day, "she" walked into Brick's and everything changed.



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