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Misty's Bio Page


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Misty, also known as "Ms. T," is the younger sister of Rick. She was given the nickname by her uncle, who was a big fan of Mr. T, the actor known for his tough guy roles in TV and movies back in the day. Misty herself is no stranger to toughness, having had to fend off teasing from her older brother when she was younger. Despite this, she has a sunny disposition and always manages to bring a ray of light to even the gloomiest of days.

Misty, like her brother, was not interested in Christianity growing up. It was not until college, when a Christian friend invited her to a Harvest Crusade, that she began to explore her faith. Initially resistant to the idea, Misty eventually agreed to go and was surprised by how much she enjoyed the event. From then on, her life took a turn for the better, and she became a devoted Christian. She now hopes to share her newfound faith with her brother, who remains skeptical of religion.

After becoming a Christian in college, Misty found herself ostracized by her peers and even some of her professors. Feeling isolated and alone, she stumbled upon a notice for a group of like-minded individuals who had also been cast out by society. Although initially skeptical of their conspiracy theories, she soon found that they were coming true and decided to stay with the group. Over time, she fell in love with the group's leader, Max Redman, and they began their relationship. Despite her efforts, Max remained resistant to Christianity, but their love for each other deepened as they shared their stories and experiences. Eventually, they decided to move to Misty's hometown of Los Diego together.

As Misty and Max's relationship flourished, they began to make plans for their future together. Misty was overjoyed at the prospect of marriage and couldn't wait to start her life with Max. The couple began making preparations for their big day, excited to take the next step in their relationship.



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