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Welcome Everyone!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Just a quick hello to anyone that may have just stumbled upon my new website...


The website is in it's WIP mode right now...HAHAHAHA...says all of those that run a website, blog, forum or anything else on the internet, "it's ALWAYS in a WIP mode!!"

For all of those that received and email from me in the last 24 hours or so...WELCOME to you as well!

If you haven't already explore the site!

Join the email list if you would like to receive any updates to the site via the blog that I will be doing from time to time. I haven't really set a time IE weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, but more than likely it will be when I have something to share about the game and with that, I am at the beginning of development right now.

If you have explored the site already you know the name of the game and hopefully you have met some of the characters that will be in the game.

Anyway I will keep this short. Again...WELCOME!!




P.S. If you find ANYTHING that isn't working right or at all, any grammatical or spelling errors, PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can get those fixed...THANKS!

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