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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey there everyone! has been over a year since my last…and only one blog post…time fun's when you’re having flies...or something like that!

A lot has happened in the past year...I mean a LOT! So I will try to keep this brief, well as much as possible anyway.

OK done!

Was that brief enough?!

Seriously though, where to begin and to make it informative and fun at the same time?

First and foremost I am sooooooo thankful to our wonderful Lord and Savor Jesus Christ for being the one that renews my life each and every day, if not hourly...or even secondsly (is that even a word?). Without Jesus in my live I would have know idea where I would be at today…thank you JESUS!

As some of you know FAITH BASED GAMES is now a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) company...YAY! So yes a viable business! So what does that mean as a non profit…ALL money that has been donated so far has gone into four different categories.

  1. THE GAME: Being that Faith Based Games has "Games" as part of the title, a bigger part of your generous donations will be going toward purchasing items that will be needed to make the game "The Right Path"

  2. SITE MAINTENANCE: Some of the donations will go toward maintaining this website, the business name and other expenses that happen to "pop" up from time to time with running a business!

  3. GIFT BOXES: Gift boxes? Doesn't Samaritans Purse provide needy children with gift boxes? YES! But unfortunately not ALL countries are open to letting Samaritans Purse enter their country. There are ministries in those countries that are able to go to the various cities orphanages to teach the love of God and what Jesus Christ did for them on the cross. They also provide "shoe boxes" to those children at Christmas time!

  4. BIBLES!!: Last but certainly not least, BIBLES!! This is REALLY a VERY important one! One of the things that we we know, what a LOT of people need is a Bible! Especially as a new believer or somebody that you meet at an outreach that has no Bible, giving them a FREE Bible will help them out a lot in their walk with our wonderful Lord...JESUS!

There is more information on our DONATION page so be sure to check that out!

Some other exciting things that have happened:

We have been VERY busy with the writing of the story of The Right Path, seeings how it will be a story driven game there is still a LONG way to go with that!

We have been working on learning the “software” to make the “The Actors & Actress” look GREAT and the world building...but not to get you all excited as to “how close will it before the game is to be ready to play” week...HAHAHA...NOPE...the updated “software” for making the “world” of The Right Path (Unreal Engine 4) will be doing a MAJOR update and will NOT be ready until late 2021, so sometime after that release we can start on world building. But for now we are making characters, which by the way had a major update last week, so Helkena and her friends will look amazing!

So a LOT to learn and a LOT to look forward to!

If you would like to help out, if you’re a Christian…PLEASE pray, that IS the most important thing to do! If you would like to help out financially you can go to our DONATION page.

OK I do believe that is a LOT more than just brief…..but in reality it is VERY brief!

Anyway thanks to all of you who have been praying and to all of our wonderful donors!





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