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State of the Game #6

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey there everyone! I hope and pray that all of you are well, as we are! I have a lot to share, so let’s get to it! But first, go and grab your favorite drink now!


I may, well I do actually have a voice for Helkena! PLUS: I also have the voices for my Mexican female (Monica Rios) and my Russian male(Dima Grechnicova) characters! With the possibility of 3 (or even more!) characters! You well get a sneak peek at hearing Helkena and others speak!

I have some more decisions to make with Helkena (and most of the girls in the game) Hair is one of those things in the game world where it can look OK and would probably be good for 90% of games, but as technology advances, like it does and will always do, the hair just doesn’t look “right”. I have a few PHOTOS of Helkena with her hair looking great in the software where she was created, but in the game making software, UE4, which BTW, the software used is called an engine (it engineers worlds for us, among other things) so UE4; soon to be upgraded to UE5, is called the Unreal Engine 4. In UE4 the hair just, well its doesn’t look as well as the software that Helkena was created in...BUT UE4 (and soon UE5) has a new hair technology that, well, it WILL make Helkena’s hair look GREAT again! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Helkena will have yet another hair style!


So that new hair will cost more, in two ways, I’ll have to purchase the new hair, fortunately it is on sale as I write this, 50% OFF! (in case you want to know, that hair pack is normally $60 so YAY $30 and that’s for 24 hair styles….YAY AGAIN!….BTW getting a real hair styling cost almost that much for ONE!). The other cost is how much CPU and/or GPU (um...PC power) it may take to run that hair properly (oh, the cost of having new technologies!)

The other bad thing, is finding help to make this project/game, which leads me to….


I don’t know what is worse:

  • Not ever hearing back from companies that can potentially supply help, products or whatever I would need to make the game!

  • Being told I deserve to go to Hell for making a game like this game, and that’s being said by….CHRISTIANS! YES I’m told I’m going to Hell by Christians! Gosh if Christians think the game is so bad why don’t they just say, “I’ll pray for you!”

So the bottom line is:

  • Non-believers don’t want to work on this project because it is a “Christian” game!

  • Christians don’t want to work on this project because it deals with characters that “live in the world”…..I.E. the characters, drink, they party, they dress and even speak inappropriately!

With that being said, I did get a GREAT reply from a non-Christian that knows all about “world” building in UE4. He said he isn’t a Christian and that he felt he wouldn’t have the passion to build a world that would be honoring to what I (me/Sam) would want. So pray for him that he would have a relationship that would bring honor, not to me, but to God!


HAHAHA….I know this topic title doesn’t fit in with other titles above (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly….and A Question Then….lol…..OK so maybe it’s not that funny, but I think so!).

So why put all of that “live in the world” stuff (drinking, partying, cussing, dressing in skimpy clothing) in the game in the first place?”

This will be a very long answer, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible!

RISK! (OK done!)

Yes RISK….NO not the game!

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” -Matthew 28:19

Even if you are not a Christian, there have been and will always be risks involved in ones life, whether it’s a relationship, a new job, going to collage, going out into the mission field like a Christian author I love, Ted Dekker, he was a young boy with his missionary Mom and Dad in Indonesia, Ted asked “where is the ‘Smith’ family?” When you live among a tribe of cannibals, well it’s not hard to guess where the Smith family went to dinner the night before!

But you go “to all nations” because you feel that that is where God has called you to go!

Now, I know I will not (um hopefully) be eaten by a tribe of cannibals, but I am jumping into the “pit” of the world to make The Right Path. The Right Path isn’t for Christians (it would be way too easy for them...just pray when given the choice in the game); yes Christians can play The Right Path, but The Right Path is geared toward the non-believer.

Think of it this way, if you went into a homeless shelter to feed those poor people that are more than likely down on their luck, drug addicts, mentally ill or whatever, you are jumping into the “pit” of the homeless world, jumping into their talk (good or bad, not that you will say the bad), the way they dress, the way they may smell, but you take that risk, because you feel that God has called you to be there.

Like me!

I feel that God has called me to make The Right Path, to prayerfully, lead those that are non-believers to play The Right Path, the player must try to keep Helkena from going to Hell if she dies. Does Helkena say bad words, drink to much, party to much, dress inappropriately; in the Christian world, yes to ALL of those “bad” things. But Helkena, and I’m sure a LOT a people that will play the game are like that, not living a life that is pleasing to God, heck there are A LOT of “Christians” that live a life like that as well!

So I’m jumping into the pit of “their” world! But I KNOW where I stand with God and where I WILL ultimately end up, because of what our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did for ALL mankind. God doesn’t want ANYONE to go to Hell!

Now I still know some of you are asking about the cuss The harshest word will be b*tch. No F words, no S words, and differently NO...NONE...ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH of the Lords name taken in vain….not even an “Oh my God!” or even OMG! In reality there really aren’t a whole lot of cuss words in the game. “But, but, but….why even have bad words at all?” Because, I don’t want to spoil it too much, but there is a “tool” in the game to help the player, remember that the players of The Right Path may use bad words as well, but it’s up to the player to keep Helkena from saying those words, and taking her on The Right Path! Remember The Right Path, is after all, a “Choices Matter” game, and where will Helkena end up by the end of the game?

Now aren’t you glad that that was the short answer!


I’m trying to keep the story of The Right Path as hush hush as possible…..only 3 of us know the whole story of The Right Path. Some of you wonderful people that have volunteered to do voice over work will know some of the story (when you get it); if those of you who volunteered want the full script, I’ll be happy to share it with you, but first we….um….I need to wait for my proofreader to finish proofreading the story first, then I’ll correct those mistakes in spelling, grammar and whatever doesn't fit into the context of the story.

Oh sorry one more thing (or is it two) I changed out some of the “header tabs” on the FAITH BASED GAMES website; like the Blog page now reads What’s New!! I also took away a couple of others that were not being used, like the Forum page (maybe I’ll unhide it if there is a “real” need for it.)

* * * * * * * * * *

I know that that was a lot this month. But I’ve had to do a LOT of praying, which I hope all of you Christians out there are praying for this project as well….I NEED PRAYERS….LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYERS!!

And if you need prayer, please send them our direction, we’ll be happy to pray for/with you!

Thanks again to all of you wonderful people that are out there supporting this project, both financially, with encouraging words and most important of all, with ALL of your prayers!




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