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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hey there everyone!

Just a quick post today. (HA...after writing it up, it wasn’t so quick after all...MY BAD!!😜 )

New Video

Since I have a bunch of new features in the SOFTWARE I use to create the characters for the game, I thought why not make a new preview video to show them off. You can see that video HERE.

New Music

The music in the above video was composed by me. Unfortunately I am getting arthritics or something in my left hand, my pinky finger doesn’t work well enough to play the guitar or bass parts anymore, so I use a SOFTWARE program to make the music. All of the music I have composed (some I just added today) can be found HERE!!

New Characters

I have lots of updated photos of the main characters, the Resistance Fighters and I have introduced some new characters to the game as well. You will find all of those new photos HERE; just scroll down to where you see the NEW, NEW, NEW photo (gif), everything below that is where the new photos I have added in the past couple of weeks!

Just a Tidbit of Story Content

One last thing….a spoiler without really being a spoiler.

Because it’s a LOT easier to make my own city, as apposed to using a real city; too many things I would HAVE to buy the copyrights for!

The story of The Right Path takes place in the year 2030 in the fictitious city of Los Diego, in the new state of Elysium (see below). Elysium was formed to pay off the USA’s 40 trillion dollar debt by a VERY powerful multi-quadrillion dollar corporation, TechGene. TechGene is run by the very intelligent and charismatic CEO Jonas Hunt. Jonas Hunt has aspersions of becoming the President of the USA some day.

The Great State of Elysium

OK that’s all for now! Enjoy the new updates!




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