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Sterling Montgomery's Bio


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Sterling Montgomery is Helkena’s beloved grandfather, who has been a constant presence in her life since the tragic loss of her parents when she was 5 years old, he then adopted her she. She didn’t really know what to call him, so he suggest calling him “Papa”. Sterling has been a supportive and nurturing father figure for her, helping her to develop her extraordinary intelligence and curiosity. Growing up on the farm with Papa, Helkena has had many memorable experiences, including the opportunity to interact with a wide range of animals. She has fond memories of spending time with her Papa and her many "friends" on the farm, including those that had a distinctive odor. Despite the challenges she has faced, Helkena has always been able to rely on her Papa's love and guidance.

Sterling and Helkena had a special bond, and they would often use secret codes as a way to communicate with each other. Sterling wanted to make sure that Helkena could still have fun and enjoy a normal childhood, even though she was incredibly intelligent. He was aware that some people with high intelligence can act like they are superior to others, and he didn't want Helkena to fall into that trap. So, he taught her little sayings and phrases that would help her to think more critically and use her wit to connect with others. These secret codes were a way for Helkena and her Papa to share a special bond and have fun together.

Sterling wasn't always a farmer or even a gentle person, war does that to a person sometimes. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War, where he was a rifleman with the 101st Airborne division. His time in Vietnam was difficult and intense, as he faced many challenges and hardships on the front lines. Despite the dangers he faced, Sterling remained dedicated to his duty and did his best to serve his country. However, when he returned home after the war, he was met with a very different reception than he had expected. Many Americans had grown disillusioned with the war and its toll on the country, and Sterling was often greeted with hostility and anger. He was called names and spat upon by people who didn't understand the sacrifices he had made. Despite this, Sterling remained strong and took it all in stride, determined not to let the actions of others define his experience.

After returning from the war, Sterling met the love of his life, a woman named Lily. They were immediately drawn to each other, and they soon married and started a new life together. They bought a small farm in Mill Creek, not far from Los Diego, where they could "get away from it all" and live a peaceful, simple life. They were happy there, and they soon welcomed a son, Jack, into their family. Jack grew up and married a wonderful woman named Doris, and they had a daughter they named Helkena. Tragically, Lily passed away due to complications from heart disease, leaving Sterling heartbroken. But he continued to be a loving and supportive father to his son, daughter in law and granddaughter. When Helkena's parents died in a mysterious accident, Sterling knew he had to step up and raise her as his own. He loved Helkena deeply, and he did his best to provide her with a happy and stable home.



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