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Alexander Johnson's Bio


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Alexander Jerome Johnson is a formidable man with a towering presence. Standing at just under 6'5" and weighing in at a robust 250 lbs, he commands respect and attention wherever he goes. Despite his intimidating demeanor, Alexander is not one to seek out conflict. In fact, his serious demeanor and dry sense of humor often serve as a deterrent to those who might try to provoke him. Al, A. J. or even Alex wouldn’t work for Alexander…“it’s Alexander” he would tell people.

However, Alexander’s no-nonsense attitude is not without reason. He comes from a tough upbringing, one that has shaped him into the determined and resilient person he is today. Despite the challenges he has faced, Alexander has persevered and has become a force to be reckoned with.

Whether he is working hard on a project, supporting his community, or simply enjoying some well-deserved downtime, Alexander is a man who exudes strength and determination. He is someone that others look up to and admire, and he is always striving to be the best version of himself.

Growing up as a black albino was not easy for Alexander. His father struggled to accept his son's condition and took out his frustration on Alexander’s mother, subjecting her to physical abuse. Despite his mother's attempts to explain that albinism is a genetic condition and not the result of infidelity, Alexander’s father was unable to come to terms with his son's appearance.

Things came to a head one day when Alexander’s father, fueled by alcohol, tried to kill him. It was only through his mother's intervention that Alexander was able to escape this violent attack. From that moment on, Alexander was forced to navigate the world with his unique appearance and the challenges that came with it, all while trying to protect himself from his abusive father.

Growing up as a black albino was tough for Alexander, and things only got harder after his abusive father left. Despite his mother's love and support, he struggled with bullying and discrimination at school. He was often teased and picked on by his peers, and even some of his teachers seemed to treat him unfairly, punishing him for things he didn't do simply because he was different.

All of this took a toll on Alexander, and he began to shut himself off from the world. He became cold and bitter towards others, only allowing his mother to see the goodness within him. It was a tough time for Alexander, and he struggled to find his place in the world and to feel accepted for who he was.

Despite his tendency to be cold and bitter, Alexander has always been driven to succeed. He has a fierce determination to reach the top in whatever he does, and he is not afraid to work hard to get there. However, his intense personality and no-nonsense approach can sometimes rub people the wrong way, making it difficult for him to form close relationships.

That all changed when he was paired with veteran agent McPherson at TechGene. Despite their differences, Alexander and Mac formed a strong bond and were able to work together effectively. While Alexander may have found Mac's sense of humor a bit tiresome at times, he appreciated the levity it brought to his otherwise serious life.

Overall, Alexander is a complex and multifaceted individual. He has faced numerous challenges and obstacles in his life, but he has always managed to rise above them and become the strong and successful person he is today.



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