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Alexander Johnson's Bio

Alexander Johnson


Alexander Jerome Johnson is a powerhouse of a guy, standing at just under 6’5” and weighing in at close to 250 lbs. Nobody wanted to mess with him, which was fine with him for he has a very serious demeanor, his sense of humor is about as fun as having the flu, most of, if not all of that seriousness comes from his upbringing.


Al, A. J. or even Alex wouldn’t work for Alexander…“it’s Alexander” he would tell people. He was born to a black father and a white mother which would almost certainly make him a very light skinned black person, that wasn’t all bad for there are lots of people born like that, but what did make it bad, was he was born with albinism. Being a black albino didn’t sit well with his father. His fathers hatred towards Alexander’s albinism would drive his father to think that his mother had cheated on him and would beat her all of the time for that, never believing that “sometimes these type of things just happen” she would tell him. But his father never could get over the fact that his son was born the way he was. On one day of excessive drinking , his fathers hatred for his son drove him to try to kill Alexander, if it weren’t for his mother, Alexander wouldn’t be here today.


After Alexander’s father finally left, it still wasn’t good for Alexander, he was teased unending at school. Alexander was always being bullied and getting into fights. He was even punished by his teachers for things that he didn’t do just because “he” was the problem with all of the other children. It got to the point where Alexander just closed himself off, became cold and bitter towards all people except his mother, she was the only one that knew that he was “special”, but he just didn’t see, nor wanted to see, that goodness in himself.


Even though he could be cold and bit bitter, he somehow always strove to make it to the “top” in whatever he did. He just had a bad way of rubbing people the wrong way. He never really got along with many people, that is until he became partnered to the veteran agent J. J. “Mac” McPherson at the CIA. He got along with Mac surprisingly well, but he did tire of Mac’s sense of humor, something that was lacking in his own life.

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"If you are wise, you will know and understand what I mean. I am the Lord, and I lead you along the right path. If you obey me, we will walk together, but if you are wicked, you will stumble" -Hosea 14:9 (CEV)
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