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J. J. McPherson's Bio

J. J. MacPherson


Johnny James “Mac” McPherson, not the powerhouse like his protégé Alexander, he could hold his own against his much younger partner. Like Alexander, Mac went to Harvard where he majored in Criminal Science, Law Enforcement and Criminal Intelligence.


One of the things Mac has over Alexander is his great sense of humor, Mac knew this, he pushes the limits of his sense of humor on Alexander, even more so just to grate on his nerves, even calling Alexander, Alex, he loves to see Alexander’s reaction when he calls him that. Even with his sense of humor when it came to the job at hand, he was cold, calculating and decisive of what “had” to be done, once the job was finished it was like a flip of a switch and he would be warm and friendly again.


Mac has also been called on to do some “special” jobs for the government from time to time. It is something he loves to do. Nobody but Mac and those in charge knew what those special jobs were. After those “jobs” Mac always had his job waiting for him at the CIA.


Mac loves working for the CIA, it gives him pleasure to do the things he loves the most, taking out the trash and the CIA loves him for that. He knows his job and he knows it well, he wasn’t afraid of pushing the envelope of his job, even to the point in making up his own rules as he went along, somehow he knew he could just get away with. Knowing Alexander’s drive to be the “top dog”, Mac felt it is his duty to teach his protégé the “tricks of the trade”...that is “to do the job, get it right and don’t ask questions”.

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Haven’t you brought this on yourselves by turning away from the Lord your God when he was leading you in the right path?"
-Jeremiah 2:17 (EXB)
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