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Helkena Mo's Bio Page

Helkena Mo

Helkena was 5 years old when her parents, Jack and Doris, died a mysterious death. She was then adopted by her grandfather, Sterling, who raised her on a small farm where she learned about life and death, as one does living on a farm where animals are raised. The farm was a magical place for her, she had animal "friends", well at least the ones that didn't make it to the dinner table. Most of her school friends lived to far away just to be able to walk to their home's. The elementary and Jr. high school's were in the small town where she lived, but the high school was in the next town, which that town is rather large. That larger town is where she met her best and long time friend, Conny. Helkena and Conny were very much inseparable from one another, they even went to the same university together.

Helkena is VERY smart, she is one of those type of people that didn't really need to crack open a book in order to pass her tests with flying colors. Conny would always tease Helkena saying...


"All you have to do is just put a book under your pillow at night and you would learn everything in that book through osmosis". 

Helkena graduated with top honors and was Valedictorian in both high school and at university, where she earned her doctrines degree in Microbiology, which both of her parents where Microbiologist, a doctrines degree in Psychology and doctrines degree in Liberal Arts Studies....yes REALLY!


But with ALL of Helkena's "smarts" she wasn't always very practical. She loves to party; dancing, drinking, even though they are now all legal, she said NO to drugs, she didn't want to take the "risk" of loosing everything. So drinking it was and boy can she drink...she can drink a sailor under the table!
Helkena and Conny are VERY close to one another, in fact they love each other dearly, like David and Jonathan in the Bible did. The love they have for one another is one of those deep loves like a married couple have. They both though did NOT want a husband until they were more secure...whatever that means (really is anyone?)

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"Teach me how to live, O Lord. Lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me." -Psalm 27:11 (NLT)
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